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Why Us

Pro Evolution Indoor Sports Centre is located in Blacktown, and allows players to keep the game going no matter what. The season never truly ends, with the indoor training pitches open seven-days-a-week, allowing players of all ages and abilities to continue their training in the traditional off-seasons. Build friendships, keep playing the sports you love all year round, and never worry about your game being rained out again.
High Quality Synthetic Grass -- All Weather Utility

Natural turf fields will turn to mud in a moderate to heavy rain. If you play on a natural field while it’s raining, you can say goodbye to the grass and look forward to a good deal of replanting later on. For an artificial turf field, however, rain or shine, players will leave a perfect field behind every time. The all-weather properties of these fields make them particularly ideal for wetter areas or playing during rainy times of the year.

Spacious Pitch -- Enjoy Running

Sport Center offers 450 square meters of standard two pitches, to ensure that players have enough space for movement and display techniques. If necessary, the two standard pitches can also be combined into a 900-square-meter court, you can make more friends play together simultaneously. Netting around established players can save time picking. So you can fully and effectively enjoy the sport fun without any distraction!

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