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Centre Rules & Regulations

Please act responsibly and respect our facilities
and your fellow players at all times.

• No jumping or climbing on nets.

• No food or drinks permitted on courts.

• No smoking, No alcohol to be brought onto premises.

Pro Evolution Indoor Sports holds the right to ban without warning, any player(s) or team(s) from participating in competitions organised by us.

We Hold the right to ban player (s) or team (s) for:

Foul and abusive language directed at umpires, staff members, other player's or spectators.
Rough and / or dangerous play on the playing field.
Striking another player, spectator, umpire or staff member.
Fighting - either on or off playing area.
Forfeiting (2) games during a season.
Player registration fees overdue by more than (14) days.
Game Fees overdue by more than (7) days, either part or in full.
Dangerous and or un sportsmanlike play towards others on the playing field.
Damage or destruction caused to any equipment or property owned by Sutherland Sportsworld.
Refusing to adhere to umpires rulings on the court. 
The umpires decision is final. They may penalise the disputing team or player with whatever is considered appropriate under the rules of that game.
The umpire has the right to warn against harassment from off the court - Being either from player's or spectators. The offending team will be penalised and player's or spectators can be asked to leave the premises.
No Refunds will be given to player's that have paid registration fees and are banned from the centre, or themselves choose not to complete the season.
No Refunds will be given for games that have been played or payments that have been paid prior to a team or player's dismissal from a competition.
We do allow junior players to compete in senior competitions, but it must be firstly approved by centre staff before they take the court.
Game Payments

Game fees must be paid before your game. It is the captains responsibility to collect the money off all the team members and make payment at the front counter. If your team is short of players, the full match payment must still be paid.

Once we have received your game payment, we will then issue you with a game token.

This token must be presented to the umpire or referee before the game starts to confirm your teams payment. The umpire or referee will not start the game until both teams have given him / her a token.

Short Payments

If it is absolutely necessary for your team to pay a short payment, it must be paid the following week before your game starts. If the short payment is not paid, your team will be fined (-5) competition points.

Forfeiting a Game

When you nominate a team to play in one of our competitions, you are then obligated to play and pay for every round. 
If your team must forfeit any competition round, the game payment must still be paid. This payment is due when you play your following game. If your team forfeits on the day of the game, you must pay for the other team's game payment also. This payment is due when you play your following game.

Team Playing Card and Finals Qualification

At the start of each competition your team must put all players names and signatures on the yellow players card and return to the front desk. Then each week all players that are taking the court must be ticked off on the card. If players are not marked off as playing, they will not be eligible to compete in finals. To be eligible to play in finals, a player must have played at least (4) games during that season and have paid the registration and insurance fees. We strongly advise all teams to qualify extra players for finals, in case of injury or team members that may be away while finals are on. We do not allow unqualified players on the court in finals.

Competition Draws And Tables.

Pro Evolution may at times have to alter team competition points or listed game times. All hard copy draws and tables may change. Please ensure that game times are checked on a regular basis, either on our Draws and Tables section of the website, or via our automated phone system.

We hope you enjoy playing at Pro Evolution and we wish you good luck in your competition.

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