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Advantages Of Indoor Sports



1.  Keep training – The season never truly ends with indoor soccer.  Most leagues pick up right after the fall season ends, so players will continue playing the game and more importantly, stay in shape.  Conditioning is so vital to soccer, and continuing in an indoor soccer league will help keep you in tiptop shape.  When the spring season rolls around, you’ll be an improved player in peak form ready to produce on the field.


2.  More focused on quick passing – Indoor soccer goes beyond just continuing the game, it helps build skills.  The field is compact and the game is played at a much higher pace.  This will greatly help players master some key components to their skills, such as quick passing and ball control.  Ever wonder how Barcelona players got to be so good at controlling and passing the ball?  Indoor soccer is basically like a small-sided passing drill with game intensity.


3.  Build relationships – I always find it hard when a soccer season ends and you stop seeing many of the friends you made on the team.  Instead of waiting until the next season to rekindle the friendships, your whole team can sign up for indoor soccer and keep playing together.  Many indoor soccer teams are comprised of players of the same outdoor teams and this is a great way to basically hang out with your friends and keep playing soccer together.


4.  More time on the ball – Indoor soccer teams are usually comprised of a goalie and four outfield players.  Since there are less players on the field, you will get far more touches on the ball than in an 11-11 outdoor game.  This results in more improvement and skill development.  Yes, the game might be half as long as outdoor games, but because of the high frequency of involvement, you’ll probably get more practice playing with the ball at your feet.


5.  Keep playing the game you love – Indoor soccer usually runs through the winter so players can never stop playing the beautiful game.  If you truly love the sport and want to play it everyday, indoor soccer provides a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

So there are the 5 advantages of playing indoor soccer.  Whether you want to improve your game, keep playing the game of soccer, or if you simply want to keep up friendships with your soccer team, joining an indoor soccer league is the perfect opportunity for you.

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